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The M&T Story

M&T Development was officially established in 1996 and has gone from strength to strength ever since its inception. M&T Development has completed tens of thousands of residential homes, and a vast amount of square meters of commercial and industrial space and also completed several retail centres.

We offer a wide variety of property types, including, residential sales and rentals (apartments, simplexes and duplexes), commercial offices, warehouses, retail centres and storage. This diversity in our property portfolio provides customers with a range of options to choose from based on specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to open communication, transparency, and accountability ensures that clients are kept informed throughout the development process, and any issues are promptly addressed.

Offering Turn-key Property Solutions

For those looking to rent or buy residential property, M&T Development offers both options, providing flexibility for individuals and families across the spectrum. We offer commercial and industrial properties that range from owner occupation to large corporates or businesses.

Furthermore, we provide warehouse rentals and logistics, which are great for companies that require additional space for storage or manufacturing purposes. Retail property rentals are also available for businesses that need a location to sell their products or services, and storage units are perfect for individuals or companies in need of additional storage space.
M&T Development is involved in all spheres of property development and has experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and retail developments ranging from “greenfields” developments, as well as re-developments of existing properties.

M&T Development's extensive footprint allows for advantageous local market knowledge, regulations, and building practices, ensuring that projects are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each region.


M&T Development has tens of thousands of satisfied clients; from your first time home owners to investors looking to grow their portfolio. We have also worked with numerous national and multi-national clients, in industrial, commercial and retail segments of the industry, and continue to do so.
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